Education and Institution: MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management | Imperial College London 

Work Experience: Over 4 years of industry experience. Over two in IT Consulting 

Profession: Creative Entrepreneur 

Company: Circleturn (Parent Company of ‘Squishy’ and ‘Words like the Cold’)

Interests: Problem Solving, Creativity, Life long learning, Mental Health Advocacy.

Current Location: London, UK

Marketing Communications Strategy

I will work with you to draw up a detailed plan that is driven by your objectives, to achieve optimal results. This comprehensive document will outline the most viable demographic for your product and/or service, putting forward the best marketing mix to get your message across effectively. To create the best communications plan possible, in-depth research backed by adequately sought after feedback will serve to fulfil this purpose.

Book Cover Design

My book cover designs will be in line with your literary work and bring the subject matter within its pages to life. I tend to take a collaborative approach to creating work for my clients; this is vital to ensure completion to set deadlines and satisfaction with the finished product.

Business Plan Creation

Many founders find it difficult at the initial stages to clearly state their mission and vision statements, and find it more so overwhelming to determine the USP of their product/service. My education and experience creating a startup has made me well positioned to help those looking to create a business plan that addresses the issues stated, in a holistic, clearly articulated way.

Logo Design

With a background in media and communications, the ideas for the brand logos generated are informed by a firm foundation in communications theory. My clients can be therefore be confident in my knowledge of design , which feeds the effort and creativity that goes into the development of concepts, that gradually evolve to become finished representations of a client’s brand identity.

Problem Solving through Design Thinking

I have applied the design thinking approach in both my work as a consultant and, as an entrepreneur. It is a particularly useful framework in understanding the underlining problem of a set or fluid system, and providing ways in which meaningful solutions can be identified. My understanding of design thinking is intuitive, and I can work with you to solve a range of challenges across your businesses in the various forms they are presented.

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