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I’m Tola Makanjuola, the creator of Poetry Bores. I wrote a series of poems that I have made available online to be read. It’s a fun exercise in discovery, reflection and self improvement. I’ve collated four of the series written over the past year or so for easy accessibility below.

Hope you enjoy reading these. I enjoyed writing them. If you would like to support my work, you can do so below, by giving an amount that makes you comfortable.



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The Cold Cut | The Complete Series of Poems

Written by Tola Makanjuola From 09/06/20 – 08/07/20

The Cold Cut: Where Earth Touches Water

The Cold Cut: Where Earth Touches Water

I take my relationships seriously 
So I have very few friends
Most people are flies 
They bother you and make a lot noise 
When you meet the right ones
They complete the picture 
The fresco painting
With a final touch of paint 
The final drop of blood
In a vast expanse of ocean 
If you can’t be real
Then you’re probably fake 
If you can’t give 
Then you’ll probably take
The Cold Cut: Something to Share

The Cold Cut: Something to Share

I had something nice to share 
But they said you’d be too dim to hear
Dim as my morning vision 
Slow as progress and change 
So I hid my candle beneath the covers 
And burnt the house down as a result
It’s been said you can kill with kindness 
You can strangle with a saviour’s complex
Well I don’t know what I feel 
Whatever it is, it led to your destruction 
And there isn’t too much to say 
Beyond that. 
The Cold Cut: Even Our Heroes Had Flaws

The Cold Cut: Even Our Heroes Had Flaws

I beat on myself for my imperfections 
And labour over my daily mistakes 
Yet I look to the men who came before me
And see the trail they left behind,
Littered with bad choices.
They smile in my direction 
Telling me “it is what it is”
“How can you find God if you don’t make mistakes?”
I sing these words when I face a crisis
It arms me to the teeth against all devices
Of self loathing, pure hatred 
Self destruction as a way of living. 
The Cold Cut: Don’t Overstep

The Cold Cut: Don’t Overstep

My life is not yours to condemn 
Your attempts will be futile regardless
But this is fair warning 
Silent reactive power 
Will cripple your advances 
And leave you floating face down 
In the shallow end 
Wondering what went wrong 
The Cold Cut: Eyes like Nietzsche

The Cold Cut: Eyes like Nietzsche

I come from the side of the road
That dissects the dreams of Carl Jung 
Look to the sky with violent arrogance
Like the shadow of Nietzsche 

I read between the lines 
And saw the prodigal son who never returned 
Witnessed the fall of the devil 
Seven times over 
And no one else saw this occur 

Hitler was a bad man 
I heard heaven wept for 6 million souls,
When he was spawn.
Gandhi was prominent when he starved 
I saw his spirit overcome the city 

The Cold Cut: Notte

The Cold Cut: Notte

So the rain blew in a storm 
The windows cut the lights out 
But Fear had no place in your home 
Nothing could take away your worth 
The Cold Cut: Relief from blame

The Cold Cut: Relief from blame

I can excuse my failure 
That never hurt me before 
I’ll point my finger to the sky 
And ask God why He never 
Takes the blame 
I never wanted to be a king 
I just needed all the gold 
It could afford me 
The influence, the parade 
The eagle in the sky 
With eyes focused on my corpse 
I never wanted to be king
It was just what was handed to me.
The Cold Cut: People Are Weak, Just Look at Caesar

The Cold Cut: People Are Weak, Just Look at Caesar

I’ve seen many truths I’d like to share
The libraries are open
But its books are closed 
When they write their poems
They don’t check for errors
They protest eternally 
With no goal in sight
The truth stares the people in face 
But they turn their backs in disgust 
They would rather flood the beaches 
And believe in divine immunity 
Till catastrophe strikes 
And draws cries of sincerity 
Our tools have become our masters 
They work us to the bone 
I had to escape to Rome 
To reflect on Julius Caesar 
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