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The first Instagram live event of 2023

The Heart Series 10 | 1.01.23 – 16-01-23

Poetry Bores Podcast Episode 3 | Snippet 2: Wealth, poverty and what’s in your heart

Poetry Bores Podcast | Episode 3: Money, O!

In episode 3, Tola analyses a poem called ‘Money, O! by W.H. Davis In this snippet, Tola discusses his 4th takeaway from the Bernie Madoff documentary on Netflix: The Monster of Wall-street.

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Bury me with my pizza tray | RPR 13 | Reading 15

Ep.2 | Voice dictating in a plane over Europe | PBP

The Heart Series 9 (21.12.22 – 31.12.22)

The Poetry Bores Podcast is back!

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Hi folks. I’ve decided to restart the Poetry Bores Podcast. Episode 1 is available via the link. It’s called ‘Shelter from the Storm’, as I analyse the 1st verse of the song by this name written by Bob Dylan. If you do listen and enjoy the episode, please subscribe and share with others who may want to listen as well. 

Spinning Wheel 9 | When Worlds Collide

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