Poem of the Day | Tomorrow is not Promised

I don’t know enough

To be deemed an expert on anything.

I don’t read palms

And crystal balls need batteries to power them.

But I saw a man lose it all in one swell swoop

In a car accident that wasn’t even his fault.

He is probably a better man than most

His net contributions to society

Were likely seven fold what I put forth.

But he was robbed of ever seeing 

His kids become independent and resourceful, 

And growing old with his far better half at his side.

So tomorrow is not promised 

Making it to end of the present day

Is a gift in its own right.

But platitudes of this sort

Don’t offer comfort;

They provoke resentment 

They inspire humility

– By Tola Makanjuola | 09/11/21 | 8:40 am

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