1. Gases are complicated.
  2. They contain Billions of energetic gas molecules that can collide and interact with each other.
  3. Since it’s hard to describe a real gas, the concept of an ideal gas suffices 
    1. They do not attract or repel each other 
    2. Ideal gases take up no volume, as they have no volume in and of themselves 
  4. If this is too good to be true, you’re right. 
  5. No gases are exactly ideal, but there are plenty gases that the concept of the ideal seems useful in many situations 
    1. If the pressure is too large, temp too low, there can significant deviations from the ideal gas law 
    2. Most confusing about using ideal gas law plug in the right units  when plugging in numbers: I.E you need to understand what you’re working with
    3. Molar form, molecular form, proportional form (molecules remain the same, quantity is constant regardless of the process which the gas is taken 


  1. Human relationships are complicated. Complications are an essential part of being. Lack of understanding maybe. 
  2. There are a billion things operating between an individual’s ears at any one point.  
  3. We can manage our lives, but we can never achieve the ultimate ideal. Work towards the ideal state.

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