1 | The Process | Dan Rosies, founder of The 1645 Group

“Inspired by my curiosity on the process a poem goes through from inception to completion”.

The Process is a brand new show, where Tola interviews individuals from diverse working backgrounds to understand the processes behind key projects they have undertaken.

My first guest is Dan Rosies, the founder of The 1645 Group. The 1645 Group is a health & wellbeing collective based in London. Our fitness and coaching services are focused on helping you along your personal journey, every day.

‘1645’ refers to a 60 second daily pause at 4:45pm, to take stock and evaluate your priorities. It represents a point in the day where you can step back and consolidate everything that you’ve achieved, and plan for what is still to come.

To find out more, visit: http://www.the1645group.com

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