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Hi, this is Tola. Let me explain what this is all about:

Circleturn is a private limited company I founded in 2017 and formally registered in 2019.

It serves as the umbrella company of Squishy and Words like the Cold.

Circleturn’s primary long term strategy is three fold:

1. To invest in brilliant individuals across the world.

2. To continue creating in various form through entrepreneurship and artistry.

3. To facilitate learning and inspiration.

Simple enough lol.

One step towards achieving these objectives, is the creation of this group. Within this group, we want YOU to share what you’re working on. It could be anything: a startup, a podcast, a book you’re writing, an instagram page for your venture you’re trying to build, use your imagination.

In turn, the community we build collectively will function to enable your growth through followership, sales, insight and encouragement.

We want to create a platform that gives everyone an equal opportunity to succeed, regardless of race, gender, (insert variable). Simply put, we can all grow our ventures by supporting one another diligently.

Our website is still under construction. I’ll explain it’s function at a later date.

That’s it for now. All posts will go through the approval stage, so if it’s not relevant to the purpose of this group, it will not be approved. If you try to spam, promote hate speech or anything nonsensical, you will be removed from the group.

All the best, let’s make this work.

  • You can join the Facebook group here

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