The Cold Cut Series: I Went to tell your Story

I Went to tell your Story  

I went home to tell your story 
It was well received.
I had to alter some truths 
That would have drawn some groans 
And jeopardised your sculpture 
Being elevated in the town square. 
But rest assured, 
The population is dull to cynicism 
Over-indulgent and nihilistic 
And my lies were therefore an easy sell.

Life is a delicate balance of good and evil
And you’re liable to die
If you lean too far on either side.
This rule applies to those who 
Still see hope up close;
Like looking
In a bathroom mirror.  
For us, death warmed to us 
In sweet embrace 
Lowering us further into the ground. 
Where sounds of laugher 
Are worn down by fear.

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