The Blue Halo Series: Falling Rocks

I watched a documentary called 13th which outlined with staggering clarity the challenges African-Americans have faced and still battle against since the 13th amendment abolished slavery. Imagine the most powerful nation of earth galvanising all its resources against one race, and you get systematic oppression in the form of mass incarceration, police brutality, read-lining, to name a few ways in which slavery has been ‘creatively’ re-imagined. Anyway, I had this image in my head and thought I’d sketch it out and share. Keep the conversations going. Sustained pressure, peaceful demonstrations, education and engagement with truthful accounts of current events and history will bear fruit. That’s why the dude in the image is smiling: there’s always hope provided we’re willing to face up to the sins of our past and strive forthrightly for a better future for blacks and all oppressed people. – Tola Makanjuola

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